How to Read an EPUB file on Kindle

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Thanks to devices like Amazon’s Kindle, book lovers can have their favorites in hand wherever they go. However, the Kindle presents the inconvenience of not being compatible with the EPUB format, which is one of the most popular formats in the world. Mainly because is of open code and free (For example, Project Gutenberg has mostly EPUB files) and most of devices support this type of file. Fortunately, there are solutions to read EPUB files in Kindle devices.


Kindle is compatible with the format made by Amazon, AZW, and with the MOBI format. The easiest way to read an EPUB file in a Kindle is to convert the file to MOBI through the Calibre program/app. Although there are several programs like it, Calibre is one of the most popular ones because of how good the interface is, the variety of configuration options, and its reliability when converting files. Calibre is available to download for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux completely free of charge on the website:

Once Calibre is installed the next step is to add an EPUB book or file to the library. Download the EPUB file to your PC from a website (Like Project Gutenberg, Humble Bundle, or even Amazon) and click the bottom on the upper left corner of the app that reads “Add Books” in Calibre. If you wish to select a specific file, click on “Add books from a single directory” look for the file, and select it. After having added an eBook in EPUB format to your Calibre library select it and click “Convert Books”. This will open a new window that gives you numerous options to adjust the data and the format of the new file being created. The most important thing is the output format, which is selected from a drop-down menu in the upper right corner of that new window. Make sure to select MOBI as the output format. The conversion process takes about a minute. Once you have finished right-click in the eBook that is in your Calibre library and select “Open containing folder”, the MOBI file should be there. After that simply connect your Kindle to your computer and copy and paste your new MOBI file in your Kindle.

Kindle Previewer 3

Another reliable program to convert EPUB to MOBI is the Kindle Previewer by Amazon, available free of charge for Windows and Mac OS. This app allows users to have a preview of their eBooks in several different models for Kindle. To previsualize with precision an EPUB file, the “Preview” option will turn the file automatically into MOBI. To use Kindle Previewer, download it from and then select “Open Book in Homepage”. After a short time, the conversion process will finalize, and a new window will open to give you a link to the folder where the new file was saved. Click that link to see the location of the file. Once you locate the file the last thing you need to do is move it to your Kindle. Connect your Kindle to your computer, copy, and paste the MOBI file in your Kindle.

How to Read an EPUB file on a Kindle
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