How the hashtag has shaped the writing industry

Hashtags have shaped the writing industry creating a connection for the writers during the different stages of the writing process. In the beginning, the use of hashtags was viewed as a positive factor in the writing process because it was mainly used by authors to feel connected with others while writing. The best way for authors to connect with other individuals is through the following hashtags: #amwriting, #amediting, #amquerying and #amoutlining. Everything started in 2009, when author Johanna Harness created the hashtag #amwriting. Ever since that day, it became a viral sensation and has long become the most popular and important hashtag regarding the writing industry. Those hashtags make it possible for the writer to get an immediate feedback on certain aspects during the writing process. Compared to the time before hashtags, this feature helps the writer to receive advice from someone on a direct way, without even leaving his own apartment.

In general, hashtags could be said to have shaped the writing industry, revolutionizing it completely, and reducing it to a simple '#', to which different purposes are linked. These purposes include, but are not limited to, being apparently simple and harmless and ending with / becoming psychologically dangerous in particular for the adolescents of this decade, who find themselves living unlike us, totally different writing from the one other generation had.

Hashtags have been widespread in our society for more than ten years now and have evolved into ever more convoluted forms. Hashtags have shaped our society and created a new way of communication through social media platforms, creating a new way of writing. Thanks to their simplicity and their diffusion on the web, over time they have become effective tools for business, and also a new way of cultural expression. When used correctly, hashtags can really be an important part of digital marketing. They are useful for monitoring and interacting with specific topics or current trends, but you can also think about creating your own hashtag to promote a new product or service. Greater visibility, user loyalty, and brand reputation control, that's why the hashtag plays a central role within any Social Media Marketing strategy. The choice of the hashtag is fundamental, the success or failure of a strategy can depend on it. There are no specific rules for each social media when it comes to using hashtags. The function of the aggregator of topics remains the same for everyone, certain that each brand has its own goal on social networks and each social network has its own goal.

Like assuming a solitary purpose where without writing many words, the internet can spread important messages to society, hashtags can be applied to any circumstance and situation. There have been hashtags unfortunately linked to recent terrorist attacks that according to Twitter can reach about 5 million posts, and perhaps the most used in the history of hashtags, on the occasion of the massacre that occurred in the editorial office of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. Another hashtag example is the #PrayForManchester to remember the victims of the massacre that took place just after the Ariana Grande concert in May 2017. From these examples, we can understand how the hashtag is one of the greatest developments of the modern Internet and how it shaped the writing industry as well as society. Regardless, most of the time people use them in order to obtain attention and popularity, or sometimes supremacy.

This social behavior in our society shows that people are now directed towards appearing rather than being, certainly fueled by the disproportionate use of social networks, and their respective components, such as, hashtags that can be so powerful and at the same time so dangerous. Before the invention of hashtags, writers were not so connected with the outside world because they were mainly focused on the writing process. Nowadays, the writing process for many authors is not just about writing, because social media and online personal branding became an important part of the writing procedure.

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