Holy Week as an Author

Holy Week is the week in which Christianity remembers the last days of Jesus Christ, which includes in particular his passion, death on the cross, and resurrection on the third day after. According to Grace Mackinnon, a syndicated columnist and public speaker on Catholic Doctrine, throughout the world, most Christians call Holy Week the period between Palm Sunday and Holy Saturday, which precedes Easter that is considered the greatest solemnity of the Christian faith. Entering the Holy Week, authors should focus on how to use this week to not only become a better person and more importantly to use our gifts as writers to become a better person in Him.

As Christians and Catholics, it is very important to follow the traditions of Holy Week as an act of respect to the events that took place during that week in the past. These traditions vary from country to country starting off by church attendance, floats, sculptures of Christ's life, arrest and burial, and contributing to the Great Feasts.

Should Holy week be a time to put writing on a pause? In a sense, yes. During this festivity, it is important to reflect and escape from our material life being more spiritual and focusing on spending time with the people we love. With many jobs, it is important to find the right balance between work and private life, and festivities in the modern times play a crucial role for any individual in order to achieve interior’s peace and joy. Writers can benefit from Holy Week because writing and spirituality go hand to hand and this reflection time can be very useful for their projects. They can clear their mind focusing on other important things about life, improving from previous mistakes, and try to achieve a better version of themselves.

Holy Week teaches us that new life can come from death, we can find meaning in tough times, and that we can find light in the darkness. It would be really profound opportunity for writers to focus on writing about the difficult times in their careers, journeys, and how they managed to get through them. Lent was a season of 40-days in the desert. What has this desert been for a writer? As we learn from the Passion of Jesus, aspiring writers could count on a message of hope based on previous writer experiences to use as a guide through hard times. Life is changing around us, especially nowadays that everything goes so fast, it is important for people to use festivity as a time to escape from the outside world in order to become better persons and better writers.

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