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Laura Dave - The Last Thing He Told Me

Apple TV series and national bestseller The Last Thing He Told Me is expected to amass even more sales this Black Friday. Telling the story of a wife unraveling the secrets of her husband, who disappears after one year of their marriage together. Her new step daughter also joins her in this journey, and they discover more than they bargained for. This book was published in 2021 and has already topped best selling lists.

Rebecca Serle - In Five Years: a novel

In Five Years details the story of two best friends, one logical and the other whimsical. The logical friend experiences one hour of her life in five years time, and though she does not believe in supernatural experiences, she still finds herself focused on that feeling. Rebecca Serle’s novel became a New York Times Bestseller and gained public attention.

Nicholas Sparks - The Wish

A classic romance author, Nicholas Sparks is now a staple on most bookshelves. His newest novel, The Wish, was published in September 2021. It tells the story of a travel photographer with a medical issue that leads her to become closer to one of the hospital’s staff members. Those who read it were enthralled by Sparks’s storytelling and the feeling that they were reading his older works.

Janelle Brown - Pretty Things

Claiming the title of “Amazon Best Book of 2020,” Pretty Things also amassed a large amount of readers. Published in 2019, this book details a story of a con artist who returns home to help her sick mother. The book also follows another character, a wealthy heiress whose world turns upside down when her engagement is broken off. The two characters, as well as the former’s boyfriend, cross paths, and the rest is history.

Alex Michaelides - The Silent Patient

The Silent Patient is a psychological thriller published in 2019. In this book, a famous artist kills her husband and refuses to speak afterwards. However, a criminal psychotherapist decides to try to get her to speak, which leads him to places he never thought he would go. This book also became a New York Times bestseller, an impressive feat since this was Michaelides’s first novel.

Shari Lapena - Not a Happy Family

Another national bestseller, Not a Happy Family also tells the story of a murder. This time, it is that of two parents of a rich family, who each would inherit massive amounts of wealth after their death. This thriller is quite the page-turner and reveals themes of human greed and the lengths one can go to achieve wealth.


Sharri Markson - What Really Happened in Wuhan

Perhaps the most relevant book on this list, What Really Happened in Wuhan details the various theories surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic’s origins. Markson exposes documents and government cover-ups from China and the United States that were never before seen until now. An expose on the government’s shady dealings during the pandemic, What Really Happened in Wuhan attempts to find the truth of the pandemic, if there even is one. Readers should know, though, that the book details the “lab leak theory” as the truth.

Carol Shaben - Into the Abyss

Into the Abyss tells four perspectives of four people who survived a plane crash in Canada. This is a story of hope, loss, and transformation that is increasingly important in the American landscape as well. This was published in 2012, but it remains an impactful tale to those who read it.

Rick Bragg - Where I Come From: Stories from the Deep South

Published in 2020, Where I Come From: Stories from the Deep South is exactly what it sounds like. From Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Rick Bragg, this novel is a collection of stories from Bragg’s life in Alabama. America’s fascination with the divide between North and South may have attributed to the book’s success, but the writing itself is also of merit.

Adam Higginbotham - Midnight in Chernobyl

A book about history, Midnight in Chernobyl is about the nuclear disaster in the book’s titular city. Chernobyl proved to the world that nuclear radiation was in fact so dangerous that it could destroy large amounts of land and people in a small amount of time. Another expose, this book explores the story of what really happened in the power plant’s control room.

Erik Larson - The Splendid and the Vile: A Saga of Churchill, Family, and Defiance During the Blitz

Another New York Times Bestseller, Larson’s book gives the reader more insight into the impact of Winston Churchill’s rule in England during the second World War. According to the blurb, the book contains new documents that the world has never seen. As well as this, it gives insight into the daily life of Churchill and his family during that time.

Joan Druett - Island of the Lost

Published in 2019, this book is the story of an 1864 shipwreck. This almost forgotten story is one of survival and the lengths to which humans will go to live. It shows the harrowing effects of isolation, even with a group of people, on the soul. Druett brings survivor testimonies to her book that make it all more real. It has received numerous accolades and stellar reviews.

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